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Wintone passport reader applied to Ministry

2022-10-08 15:23:18

Wintone Science & technology passport reader is applied to the visa business system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Visa Service Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the first gateway for foreigners to enter China. The main applications are: Chinese people apply for visas or re-issue passports abroad; foreign friends come to China to travel, visit or study abroad, and apply for visas and other related services; The premise of these businesses is to present one's own passport or other documents. During this process, if any criminals use overprinting other people's documents to enter the country or conduct illegal activities, the property safety of the general public will be threatened.

The visa business system of the embassy adopts the biometric visa technology, applies the passport reader and the passport authenticity identification system, and reads the identity information and photos of the bearer through the functions of optical identification and chip identification. The system interface accurately displays all the information and displays Image abnormal points and chip abnormal points are prompted, which can effectively compare and accurately identify the real identity.

Passport reader and authenticity identification, a variety of highlight functions help various industries to easily complete document identification:

Support the inspection of electronic passports, paper passports and visas of mainstream countries such as the United States of all countries; support the inspection of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan documents such as Taiwan Compatriot Permits, Home Return Permits, and Exit-Entry Permits for Hong Kong and Macau.


It supports image data inspection, OCR data inspection, chip data inspection, OCR data and electronic chip content cross-validation, image data and electronic chip content cross-validation, image data cross-check, and comprehensive cross-validation. More than 60 types of anti-counterfeiting feature checks.

Passport and visa cross verification

It supports the comparison of foreign travel documents and Chinese visas, and the cross verification of international passports and international visas. At the same time, it automatically compares the relevant information in passports and visas to realize the cross verification of passports and visas.

Authoritative certification "blessings", traveling all over the world

It has obtained an authoritative certification from the Ministry of Public Security, and has been used in many government affairs scenarios such as the visa centers of the embassies and consulates of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, border inspections, customs, and exit and entry administrations.

It has passed CE/FCC certification and EU/US certification, and has been maturely used in Malaysia, Singapore, Geneva, Luxembourg and other countries around the world.

After passing the safety network test of TravelSky's third-party equipment, no software integration is required, and it can be directly used in the national airport business system.

Wintone Passport Reader is applied to the visa business system of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is the first gateway for foreigners to enter China, and has a wide range of economic and social benefits. Wintone passport reader supports domestic operating systems, enabling government departments to better improve the domestic industrial chain, improve the domestic PC ecological chain, and fill the gap of domestic operating systems without external devices. Wintone Passport Reader supports reading electronic passports and paper passports of more than 200 countries in accordance with the ICAO DOC 9303 standard, and can expand the recognition of global documents, providing more convenient experience for overseas friends to come to China and promoting international integration. Through the identification of the authenticity of the documents, it will effectively prevent criminals from entering or carrying out illegal activities with false documents, or copying other people's documents, thereby protecting the property safety of the general public.