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IT-Scan is optimal scanning application software: converting original paper-based documents to digitalized images that can make it easy to manage critical information. It is special designed for taking advantage of highlights with high-speed scanning and unique textual image recognition technology, greatly enhancing your business productivity. Undoubtedly, it is a sure way of multiplying the effectiveness of your own efforts.

Highlights for IT-Scan design

  •  High-speed scanning:
    ■ Sufficiently taking advantage of high-speed scanning – simple interface, easy to use, big shot cut button, enabling user to be easy to master basic operation of IT-Scan in the shortest time
    ■ Offering unique functionality: batches of paper-based documents processing; automatically image restore; intelligent image processing, etc., (e.g., image skew adjustment), enhancing efficiency in scanning and image processing
  •  Textual image recognition technology:
    ■ Providing unique intelligent image processing, greatly ensure its high-speed and accuracy, and then quickly export it to your business applications and database

  •  Simple and easeful interface
  •  To match multiple scanning, support TWAIN, ISIS
  •  To reduce manual entry by high-performance scanning
  •  To be greatly convenient for managing, controlling, searching and archiving documents


  • All-powerful scanning:
  • Supporting simplex and duplex documents scanning
  • Supporting color, binary, grayscale images scanning
  • Automatically removing blank pages
  • To be able to use a blank page to automatically split batches of documents
  • Superior imaging display
  • To be able to quickly check up one, two, four to eight scanned pages at a time
  • Quickly zoom in/out
  • Zoom into three times of actual size
  • Imaging enhancement
  • To offer basic image file operation – insert, delete and so on
  • To deliver good functionality – image integrity
  • Skew correction
  • To be able to transform ‘white on black’ to ‘black on white’
  • Intelligent cropping, rotate, reorder, other functions and so on
  • Document management
  • To support multiple file formats: e.g., TIF/PDF/JPEG
  • Automatically archiving documents
  • Flexible indexing
  • Intelligent recognition technology – professional TH-OCR recognition core
System requirements

 Windows 98\2000\NT\ME\XP
■ 128 MB RAM
 2.0G (or higher) available in the hard disk
 CPU: 350MHZ
 Resolution: 1024×768

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