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Smart Vision

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Smart Vision, as superior OCR software, creates editable and searchable files from any scanned documents and digital camera images. WINTONE provides you direct and easy-to-use creative functions of streamline the process of capturing, recognizing, converting, and then translating a photographed text of a different language, which enable you to get the best experience towards international communication.

  • ■ Creative functions: collecting any photographed texts from digital camera, mobile phone, and then convert the original photograph-based information into editable texts;
  • ■ To be free to capture information you need from any books, billboard, business card and the like, no matter where you are;
  • ■ Stronger recognition capability, e.g., Slant adjustment of Character Image;
  • ■ To support multiple languages: e.g., Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Arabic, and so on
  • ■ The powerful software development: to be able to develop to penetrate into other different languages and industries
Easy to use

Just three steps, you can get useful information within editable texts from any scanned
documents and digital camera, enhance productivity and efficiency.

Photographed anywhere


Smart Mouse – WINTONE Online Handwriting Input System

Handwriting recognition technology is another hi-level technology owned by WINTONE. With the most powerful Chinese handwriting recognition engine, recognizing the entire GBK collection of over 20,000 Chinese characters,

together with numbers, English, Japanese, Korean,Punctuations and common-used informal characters.Support a wide range of inputting devices including mouse, touch pad,electromagnetic inductive touch screen, resistive touch screen, handwriting pad and
ultrasonic pen.

Business Card Recognition and Management System

WINTONE Business Card Recognition and Management System can quickly and efficiently take care of batch business cards for businessmen. The powerful TH-OCR recognition core ensures automatic scanning, recognition, categorizing, searching, backup, recovering, importing and exporting functions with excellent accuracy and rapidity. Business cad images from both scanner and digital camera are well processed.


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